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Drinking is at the very core of Japanese cuisine. We typically drink with a meal or an otsumami (a snack). 


At HIKAGE we have a wide selection of Japanese spirits to pair with our traditional dishes. 


Made with diverse, fragrant and bold ingredients, the process of distilling, brewing and maturing Japanese spirits is complex and meticulous.


In addition to our selection of meat and seafood-based dishes, our menu also caters for vegetarian and vegan diets. Shojin cuisine is the main inspiration for our vegan dishes at HIKAGE.


Shojin Ryori is the traditional cuisine of Buddhist monks that forbade meat eating and found virtue in eliminating food waste. 


The cooking philosophy brings peace, balance and wellbeing to the body, mind and spirit.


Five colors, five flavors (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami) and five techniques (raw, boiled, grilled, fried and steamed) are the basis of Shojin Ryori. Bringing a nutritional and mindful balance to every dish. 


Enjoy a colorful and flavorful selection of vegan dishes at HIKAGE.

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